Pole Pencil – PA2 favourite trick

14 Jan

A new term at Bobbi’s Pole Studio has just started and I am staying at same level which is PA 2 for third time now!

It has been though. PA2 challenges my strength, endurance and pole tricks are getting more difficult. I love it.

One of my favourite trick at this level is pole pencil and while most of my classmates mastered this trick after a month of practice, I finally conquered that after two and half months! ūüėÄ

They keys for this trick are:
1. Strong pulling on right hand and pushing on left hand.
2. Get to pike move before to pencil.
3. When you are about to get to pencil move, engage your abs by looking at it.

Next challenges: handstand and kick up!


Calling Out My Inner Child

14 Jan

It’s 2015 but I have been feeling like a boring old lady. Boooo.

I believe there’s a child in all of us! The child lives inside and I have been neglecting it.

I will love it and let it run wild. I believe when we get in touch with our inner child, miracles will happen and it will lead us to brighter journey.


Colorful Hair by Heri Saloon

17 Aug
Brown Bleached with Red and Shocking Pink.

Brown Bleached with Red and Shocking Pink.

I was bored with the color of my hair but not dare enough to change it! I found a good hairdresser few months ago and trusted him adding new color on some parts of my hair. Haha.

Anyway, the hair that has been highlighted would be slightly dry (but not worst) compared to the rest and I just have to care more by applying hair mask (once a week) and applying hair vitamins.

More about this hairdresser, he is an Indonesian who has been living in Malaysia for more than 10 years! Beside his great skill, he is only open for appointments so if you are coming alone, you will have no worry that he will be busy with other customers.

By far, I really think this saloon is cheaper (or maybe the cheapest) compared to other saloons; for example he charges only RM 35 hair cutting + shampoo + dry blow and RM 30 / highlight, you can nego the price with him.

If you wish to contact him, call him at +6016 340 3706. This saloon is located next to Bangsar LRT, give him a call first :)


Poleaversary: One year of Pole Dancing

23 Jun

Poleaversary: One year of Pole Dancing

June 2014: It’s been one year since I have joined Pole Dancing and still loving it! Big thank you for introducing & guiding me to upside down life, my sexy & strong instructors Sirenasky, Satine & Polina from Bobbi’s Pole Studio Malaysia. Also, feel grateful for more than just pole friendships that I have discovered in studio.

and I think this is the right time to get myself a pole. I couldn’t imagine my life without this-so-called addictive lifestyle. hehehe

Back Home (Padang – Indonesia)

27 Apr

No I am not going back for good :p

But I just got back from a trip to my hometown. Although i don’t really go back as often as I used to but It always a good fun to be back.

I was born and raised in Padang, West Sumatra Indonesia till I was 18 years old.

West Sumatra itself is big province but its capital city which Padang is small compared to Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta.  I lived in this small city.

While most of my family have moved to Jakarta, my parents prefer to stay in Padang. They don’t like the traffic jam and hectic lifestyle in Jakarta. I only need five minutes to get to my schools by motorbike and traffic jam is very rare happening in town unless you’re visiting our traditional market in the center of the city – Pasar Raya Padang where it is very busy¬†with Angkot – local public transport.

Take a look at this:


My parents love this city. Once my mom told me that she and my dad want to live at the top of Padang hill once they retire. I was left in shock.


Despite of its tourism that now have been growing rapidly and recent western penetration like few of fast food chains, Padang and its people are still very original. They remain royal to their culture¬†— Minangkabau.

Minangkabau Couple

Minangkabau Couple

Minangkabau Marriage

Traditional Marriage in Minangkabau

Rumah Gadang Minangkabau

Traditional House from Minangkabau (Rumah Gadang)

My parents has been in local travel industry (check out cahayatraveltour.com) for more than eight years and most of our clients local/international travel to Padang because of its food, culture, history and also to shop Рespecially for Malaysian, they love to shop in Bukittinggi.


If you travel to Padang by plane, you will be landed in Bandara Internasional Minangkabau (Minangkabau International Airport). For now there are only two international airlines offering direct flight to Padang which are Air Asia (from Kuala Lumpur) and Tiger Airways (from Singapore) – new update, TA is no longer operate to Padang.

Padang city itself is more like a city where people are working and doing business, but there are few interesting places for tourist such as Padang beach for sunset, Air Manis beach for relaxing (known for its legend of Batu Malin Kundang), Chinatown, Adityawarman Museum, Bungus beach, and doing island hopping to few islands nearby. Tourists love Padang’s famous traditional snacks like Keripik Balado (sweet and spicy fried cassava) or others. There are few famous places to get these snacks: Keripik balado Christine Hakim, Shirley, Nan Salero.

More of tourist destinations are located in Bukittinggi (refer to the¬†map) and some areas nearby. You need at least two hours to get to Bukittinggi and it can be a hassle if you don’t have any car. To discover all of the places, 3-4 days traveling is recommended.

Map of West Sumatra

Map of West Sumatra

If you plan to stay longer in West Sumatra,  then visiting Pesisir region such as Solok (refer to the map) and few areas nearby is recommended.

Check out this link for more pictures

West Sumatra Travel Destinations

Some people visiting Padang as a transit area to Mentawai Рfor surfing or to go to Nias Island, I heard Nias is such a beautiful island but I have never been there.


AirAsia offers reasonable or sometime cheap flight tickets to Padang, starting from USD 30 – USD 100 and tour package starts from USD 300 for 3 days trip including hotel, meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), car, driver + petrol and fees entrances. So I don’t think it is that expensive to enjoy Padang. :)

Beside all of those beautiful words about Padang, here’s some other ideas about Padang that you may/not like:

1. It’s not a branded stuff shopping paradise yet Muslim clothing paradise.

2. It’s not a place where you’d easily find fast food or western food. Padang is very famous for its nasi Padang so enjoy it while you can.

3. Not easy to find alcohol beverages and its very limited to only beer Bintang.

4. Although we have beaches around, its still very rare to see a girl wearing bikini or doing sun tanning. Although I never seen any sign “No Bikini Allowed”, wearing one might cause you feel uncomfortable as some¬†guys might look at you wildly.

Well, that such a long post isn’t it? I hope you’re still with me. :p

Any questions? Write me at¬†andelisia at gmail.com. If you’re interested in purchasing travel package or rent a car in Padang West Sumatra, check out¬†cahayatraveltour.com

First Experience: Brazilian Waxing at Strip

16 Mar

So what is Brazilian wax? And why they call it Brazilian? *wikipedia
Bikini waxing is the epilation of pubic hair in and around the pubic region, commonly by women, by the use of wax.

The Brazilian wax was first so named in modern times by the J. Sisters salon inManhattan, founded in 1987 by seven sisters from Brazil named Padilha.

Last month before my Langkawi trip I made my first Brazilian wax appointment at Strip Bangsar. I was very excited.

I was already imagined myself having no hair “down there” in Langkawi, dancing happily in my bikini. But they vanished as soon as I heard that mine was too short to wax! She needs them to be at least 0.5cm and I just shaved mine like a week ago or so. Clearly I know nothing about waxing!

She asked me to come back next month and if I plan to go to the beach, I gotta do it 3-4 days in advance. I left the place with heavy hearted, after watching some videos on youtube, I was already prepared being tortured that day.

One month later…

I came back to the same outlet a week ago before my performance night.

I booked a session on Saturday at 10 am but apparently they were quite busy on weekend. Once you missed your appointment,  you gotta wait till the next session available. They arranged another session for me at 12pm.



Strip Bangsar’s environment was stylish and their staffs were friendly. I also believe that my therapist was very experience, she has been working for 8 years at Strip. Few days before my session, a friend told me that  she went to other shops for Brazilian Waxing and there were two therapist waxing her. “Unpleasant and very awkward moment” she said. Lucky that I didn’t have this experience.

I chose hardwax as they said its less painful. During the treatment, the therapist applied the wax. The wax was hot but still bearable. She waxed the side areas first and it wasn’t painful. Perhaps its also because she kept talking to me and I was obviously got distracted. Then she moved to middle part, I shouted once!

The process like 15 to 20 minutes only. As soon as she finished, I didn’t feel any pain at all.

With RM114.5 (for woman and hardwax) or less 30% (for first timer only), I went home with pubic hair free! Post treatment (serum) is also available upon request (RM18)

24 hours after wax, she suggested NOT to:
No hot baths
No swimming or sunbathing
No heat or UV treatments like sun beds or saunas
No tight clothing
No perfumed products including deodorant, anti-perspirant, self-tanner or make up
No touching, scrubbing or rubbing of the area (unless you want a bacteria infection)
No intensive exercise

Although it said that Brazilian waxing will not cause any ingrown hair, I found few small pimples a day after waxing. I read from the internet that its normal for someone who never done any waxing before.

So, if you’d like to do Brazilian Waxing, give a try to Strip. I can’t guarantee anything but my first experience was awesome and I would wanna go back next month :)

Strip – Ministry of Waxing
T 03-22836-092/ 094/ 096

Showing Off Night: Intermediate 3

15 Mar

Every end of a term in Bobbi’s Pole Studio, there will be a graduation night.

It’s actually more like a night when you are showing off what you have learned during 8 weeks. With entrance fees RM20/person, you may invite your mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, neighbor, anyone. It’s open for public, but usually those who come are people that know the students. The money usually go for charity purpose. Besides us – the students, our instructors or some oversea poler guests are usually performing as well, so imagine what a rare experience it is watching Pro-Polers dancing.

Anyway, when I was in beginner I was shy and because none of my friends  are performing, I chicken out and decided not to perform. haha

But when I got into Intermediate 1, I dare myself to perform. So that Andre could see me dancing.

After my first performance, I told myself that I gotta try my best to perform in every single term. To perform what I have learn motivates me to remember the routine, perfecting my moves and tricks, and the most important thing is to gain confidence.

A week ago, I have finished my Intermediate 3. Honestly I was really reluctant to perform as I didn’t remember the routine and that it was so though and I didn’t have enough energy to finish it.

But I am glad I came that night and I was surprised that I completed the whole routine – I guess I do things better under pressure? lol

So here’s the list of tricks that covered at this level (names can be different from the usual pole moves dictionary):

1. Starfish

2. Half Star

3. Venus

4. Chopstick

5. Right Leg Hang

6. Maxie

7. North Dive

For me, the most challenging tricks for this term was Right Leg Hang! I found this move is harder than Left Leg Hang as it hurts my crotch badly haha.  I am staying at same level this new term to perfect my pole tricks and moves so I hope I could master this Right Leg Hang.

I am also very happy for  two friends of mine who found pleasure and enjoyment at their Beginner Class and now enrolled to Intermediate 1 class. I hope you girls will enjoy the upside down world ;)

with the sexiest Maple Loo & Newbie Riry

with the sexiest Maple Loo & Newbie Riry

Here’s 15 seconds of my Intermediate 3 performance, song by Lady Gaga – Do What You Want:

Thank you for reading.


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