I Love Authentic Myanmar

26 Feb

Hello again!

I just got back from my 5 days Burma/Myanmar trip, writing this while sticking tissue on my nose as I caught fever and flu yesterday :/

Why Burma?

Spent two weeks with family last December was really good but I did not plan to go back for CNY (I celebrate this too) so I decided to go and travel a bit. Checked out few destinations including Siem Reap and Philippine but ticket was expensive and ticket to Burma was affordable for this spontaneous trip.

While checking nice places to visit in Myanmar, Bagan was always on the list. It was really beautiful on the pictures I saw and told myself I am gonna be there! Flight tickets booked. I am flying solo with MAS and some friends joining in Bagan.

Arrived in Yangon

Yangon’s airport was crowded on that day. Many locals were waiting for their loved ones. It really shows how important family to them, impressed me.

The air smells very different from KL or Indonesia, I am not sure why, maybe it the smell of betel leaf that local men always chew. haha. Maybe I was wrong.

I walked out from the building and I went to get a taxi from the counter, 8.000 ks to the hostel, named

Backpacker Myanmar 

Address: 256 Pansodan Street, Tower A, Level 9, KyaukTaDa Township

Yangon downtown

Yangon, 11182, Myanmar.

Hostel Review

Paid USD16/night. They offers sleeping on bunk pod beds, equipped with curtain too. I spent a great night here, staffs were friendly and helpful. They have free wifi, free flow coffee/tea, bread and fruits. There are four bathrooms and few sinks outside, there is no worries if you are in rush for bathroom.

Some people complain about the noise comes from the reception or entrance area so its advisable to ask them for a bed which located bit far from reception or bring your own ear plug haha.

Some pics of the hostel:

Staying in Yangon downtown area was great. This hotel was close to Sule Pagoda, Chinatown, Railway train station, Bogyoke market – those I have visited.

Here are some pics of my adventure in Yangon Myanmar.

Exploring Yangon

Street market is a big thing in Yangon, wherever you walk there is always people selling their stuff starting from food, veges, meats, or betel leaf.

And Chinatown is a must visit place, the buildings was still so original. Its so old and amazing! I love it here.

I had street food in Yangon – street Mohinga but I will not recommend you to try it. Not because it taste but hygiene reasons. When I had my street mohinga, I found out they don’t wash the tea cup served on the table, a girl next to me taught me to wipe the tea cup after used by previous guests, I am not sure how many people been using the same cup! lol. I will still laugh remember about this but I experienced abdominal pain in the next few days after my first day in Yangon, no joke.

If you fancy to try out local food, I would recommend going to Shew Yee – I am not sure their address but ask your hotel guy. My local friend brought me to this restaurant and we had these foods. They were cheap! All of this only cost him (his treat!) about 2,000Ks (RM7). Oh btw, don’t forget to try Myanmar Beer, I love it and its cheap too (15,000 – 18,000 Ks Chinatown’s price)

Beautiful Bagan

Later in the evening, I left hostel to Bagan with JJ Express (order your ticket online to avoid disappointment. You only need to pay when you get to the bus). Yangon to Bagan will take up to 11 hours by bus, 18,500 Ks for single journey. JJ Express bus was very comfortable (drinks and snacks included) but Burma’s road quality was not great, bumpy road all the way. Be prepared.

Arrived safely at 5AM and the bus station was surrounded by Burmese taxi drivers offering their service. We went up to a pagoda for beautiful sunrise. Bagan’s area entrance fees is USD 20 (max 5 days) It costs us 10,000 Ks and another 10,000 Ks to the hotel. Gotta use your negotiation skill here, people!

For those hot air balloons, there are three companies doing that and their cost range is USD270 – 320 per person for an hour trip around Bagan.

There are many ways to discover Bagan

1. Electronic Bike

2. Scooter

3. Horse Cart

4. A car plus driver

Since I have limited time in Bagan, we went for horse cart on first day, standard rate for this was 25,000 Ks horse cart. It was fun but will not allow you to discover much of Bagan, I visited three or four places max. Next day, we decided to hire a driver and a car with same price. I would recommend this guy (find his card on gallery), he speaks good english and also act as a tourist guide although he won’t get inside most of the pagodas.

Another must do thing in Bagan is enjoying their Sunset, beautiful or no you decide :)

Last Note

Well, that’s what I can share about my trip in Bagan. I enjoyed it very much. Hope they are useful. Just another fact about Burmese is that their men like to chew betel leaf so they spit a lot here, beware don’t step on red liquid, it could be their spit. :P

They are still very careful receiving USD notes from tourist, make sure they are on perfect condition – no crumple or torn. SGD is well accepted here but not MYR. Standard exchange for 1 USD is 1000 Ks. and if you are changing your money at the airport, make sure to check their conditions too.

For ladies, do not wear spaghetti tank top in Bagan cause you won’t be able to get into the pagodas and temples and wear something below your knees.

Also, I think going around with shoes in Bagan is not a good idea cause you have to take off shoes whenever you are visiting temples or pagodas. Slipper lovers, you going to have good fun here!

5 days in Myanmar is not enough. Its good if you can spend 7 days here cause you will have time to enjoy Inle Lake. Many said it was beautiful and many interesting things to see. Ahhh I should go back! :)

My fun pictures:

More Sri Lanka Time Pweasseee

1 Feb

I was in Sri Lanka in November 2014. I enjoyed it very much although getting to my desired location which was Midigama was bit troublesome approximately three to four hours journey from Colombo so its advisable to hire a car and a driver before your arrival.

Midigama is well known amongst surfers. Since I don’t surf, I spent most of my time relaxing on the beach and at a hammock installed in front of my hotel room. Something I learned while hanging out on Midigama beach alone is you will attract local men, some were nice but some were creepy. A guy approached me and offered me massage haha! and the other was teasing me from far. If they are making you uncomfortable, just ignore or tell them your a husband or boyfriend waiting for you.

I found its not easy to talk to locals, they don’t speak english well but they always tried their best to help.

Another fact about Sri Lanka was their food portion serving was huge! I could have eaten their one serving fried rice for three times yet I always forget this and made same mistake when ordering another meal. :P

Also, if you ever come to Midigama, don’t forget to pay a visit to Mirissa (30 mins by bike) and check out Blue Whale Watching. I really wanted to do this activity but I was so tired the night before and my time was limited.

4 days in Sri Lanka definitely not enough! :(

Rest in Peace One.

31 Jan

I woke up really early this morning and checked my team Whatsapp group. My colleague shared One has passed away.

One is her nickname. She is one of the pioneer members of the Thai team, very friendly and sweet girl.

One day, she came to our room and shared her stories. She has been sick and always going in and out of the hospital for surgeries.

She has been calling me little sister and knows I am doing pole dancing and she imagined that it would hurt her if she does it. She is not strong she said.

Later, she had to leave the company cause of her health. It would be better for her to move back to Thailand and get her treatments.

I have always wanted to go to Bangkok and I have imagined hanging out with her on my visit.

In January 10, 2015 she informed me she had lung cancer, stage 4. I was very shocked! How come?!! She just found out about it she said.

So this morning, I bursts into tears. She’s gone.

You don’t need to spend much time to learn from someone else cause she has definitely taught me lesson not to give up, to always be positive, to appreciate moments (she loves taking pictures, capturing memories with her iPad – including the pics on this post) and to always be in touch. I miss her.

She’s gone too soon. Rest in peace na…



Pole Pencil – PA2 favourite trick

14 Jan

A new term at Bobbi’s Pole Studio has just started and I am staying at same level which is PA 2 for third time now!

It has been though. PA2 challenges my strength, endurance and pole tricks are getting more difficult. I love it.

One of my favourite trick at this level is pole pencil and while most of my classmates mastered this trick after a month of practice, I finally conquered that after two and half months! 😀

They keys for this trick are:
1. Strong pulling on right hand and pushing on left hand.
2. Get to pike move before to pencil.
3. When you are about to get to pencil move, engage your abs by looking at it.

Next challenges: handstand and kick up!


Calling Out My Inner Child

14 Jan

It’s 2015 but I have been feeling like a boring old lady. Boooo.

I believe there’s a child in all of us! The child lives inside and I have been neglecting it.

I will love it and let it run wild. I believe when we get in touch with our inner child, miracles will happen and it will lead us to brighter journey.


Colorful Hair by Heri Saloon

17 Aug
Brown Bleached with Red and Shocking Pink.

Brown Bleached with Red and Shocking Pink.

I was bored with the color of my hair but not dare enough to change it! I found a good hairdresser few months ago and trusted him adding new color on some parts of my hair. Haha.

Anyway, the hair that has been highlighted would be slightly dry (but not worst) compared to the rest and I just have to care more by applying hair mask (once a week) and applying hair vitamins.

More about this hairdresser, he is an Indonesian who has been living in Malaysia for more than 10 years! Beside his great skill, he is only open for appointments so if you are coming alone, you will have no worry that he will be busy with other customers.

By far, I really think this saloon is cheaper (or maybe the cheapest) compared to other saloons; for example he charges only RM 35 hair cutting + shampoo + dry blow and RM 30 / highlight, you can nego the price with him.

If you wish to contact him, call him at +6016 340 3706. This saloon is located next to Bangsar LRT, give him a call first :)


Poleaversary: One year of Pole Dancing

23 Jun

Poleaversary: One year of Pole Dancing

June 2014: It’s been one year since I have joined Pole Dancing and still loving it! Big thank you for introducing & guiding me to upside down life, my sexy & strong instructors Sirenasky, Satine & Polina from Bobbi’s Pole Studio Malaysia. Also, feel grateful for more than just pole friendships that I have discovered in studio.

and I think this is the right time to get myself a pole. I couldn’t imagine my life without this-so-called addictive lifestyle. hehehe


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