Back Home (Padang – Indonesia)

No I am not going back for good :p

But I just got back from a trip to my hometown. Although i don’t really go back as often as I used to but It always a good fun to be back.

I was born and raised in Padang, West Sumatra Indonesia till I was 18 years old.

West Sumatra itself is big province but its capital city which Padang is small compared to Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta.  I lived in this small city.

While most of my family have moved to Jakarta, my parents prefer to stay in Padang. They don’t like the traffic jam and hectic lifestyle in Jakarta. I only need five minutes to get to my schools by motorbike and traffic jam is very rare happening in town unless you’re visiting our traditional market in the center of the city – Pasar Raya Padang where it is very busy with Angkot – local public transport.

Take a look at this:


My parents love this city. Once my mom told me that she and my dad want to live at the top of Padang hill once they retire. I was left in shock.


Despite of its tourism that now have been growing rapidly and recent western penetration like few of fast food chains, Padang and its people are still very original. They remain royal to their culture — Minangkabau.

Minangkabau Couple

Minangkabau Couple

Minangkabau Marriage

Traditional Marriage in Minangkabau

Rumah Gadang Minangkabau

Traditional House from Minangkabau (Rumah Gadang)

My parents has been in local travel industry (check out for more than eight years and most of our clients local/international travel to Padang because of its food, culture, history and also to shop – especially for Malaysian, they love to shop in Bukittinggi.


If you travel to Padang by plane, you will be landed in Bandara Internasional Minangkabau (Minangkabau International Airport). For now there are only two international airlines offering direct flight to Padang which are Air Asia (from Kuala Lumpur) and Tiger Airways (from Singapore) – new update, TA is no longer operate to Padang.

Padang city itself is more like a city where people are working and doing business, but there are few interesting places for tourist such as Padang beach for sunset, Air Manis beach for relaxing (known for its legend of Batu Malin Kundang), Chinatown, Adityawarman Museum, Bungus beach, and doing island hopping to few islands nearby. Tourists love Padang’s famous traditional snacks like Keripik Balado (sweet and spicy fried cassava) or others. There are few famous places to get these snacks: Keripik balado Christine Hakim, Shirley, Nan Salero.

More of tourist destinations are located in Bukittinggi (refer to the map) and some areas nearby. You need at least two hours to get to Bukittinggi and it can be a hassle if you don’t have any car. To discover all of the places, 3-4 days traveling is recommended.

Map of West Sumatra

Map of West Sumatra

If you plan to stay longer in West Sumatra,  then visiting Pesisir region such as Solok (refer to the map) and few areas nearby is recommended.

Check out this link for more pictures

West Sumatra Travel Destinations

Some people visiting Padang as a transit area to Mentawai – for surfing or to go to Nias Island, I heard Nias is such a beautiful island but I have never been there.


AirAsia offers reasonable or sometime cheap flight tickets to Padang, starting from USD 30 – USD 100 and tour package starts from USD 300 for 3 days trip including hotel, meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), car, driver + petrol and fees entrances. So I don’t think it is that expensive to enjoy Padang. :)

Beside all of those beautiful words about Padang, here’s some other ideas about Padang that you may/not like:

1. It’s not a branded stuff shopping paradise yet Muslim clothing paradise.

2. It’s not a place where you’d easily find fast food or western food. Padang is very famous for its nasi Padang so enjoy it while you can.

3. Not easy to find alcohol beverages and its very limited to only beer Bintang.

4. Although we have beaches around, its still very rare to see a girl wearing bikini or doing sun tanning. Although I never seen any sign “No Bikini Allowed”, wearing one might cause you feel uncomfortable as some guys might look at you wildly.

Well, that such a long post isn’t it? I hope you’re still with me. :p

Any questions? Write me at andelisia at If you’re interested in purchasing travel package or rent a car in Padang West Sumatra, check out

First Experience: Brazilian Waxing at Strip

So what is Brazilian wax? And why they call it Brazilian? *wikipedia
Bikini waxing is the epilation of pubic hair in and around the pubic region, commonly by women, by the use of wax.

The Brazilian wax was first so named in modern times by the J. Sisters salon inManhattan, founded in 1987 by seven sisters from Brazil named Padilha.

Last month before my Langkawi trip I made my first Brazilian wax appointment at Strip Bangsar. I was very excited.

I was already imagined myself having no hair “down there” in Langkawi, dancing happily in my bikini. But they vanished as soon as I heard that mine was too short to wax! She needs them to be at least 0.5cm and I just shaved mine like a week ago or so. Clearly I know nothing about waxing!

She asked me to come back next month and if I plan to go to the beach, I gotta do it 3-4 days in advance. I left the place with heavy hearted, after watching some videos on youtube, I was already prepared being tortured that day.

One month later…

I came back to the same outlet a week ago before my performance night.

I booked a session on Saturday at 10 am but apparently they were quite busy on weekend. Once you missed your appointment,  you gotta wait till the next session available. They arranged another session for me at 12pm.



Strip Bangsar’s environment was stylish and their staffs were friendly. I also believe that my therapist was very experience, she has been working for 8 years at Strip. Few days before my session, a friend told me that  she went to other shops for Brazilian Waxing and there were two therapist waxing her. “Unpleasant and very awkward moment” she said. Lucky that I didn’t have this experience.

I chose hardwax as they said its less painful. During the treatment, the therapist applied the wax. The wax was hot but still bearable. She waxed the side areas first and it wasn’t painful. Perhaps its also because she kept talking to me and I was obviously got distracted. Then she moved to middle part, I shouted once!

The process like 15 to 20 minutes only. As soon as she finished, I didn’t feel any pain at all.

With RM114.5 (for woman and hardwax) or less 30% (for first timer only), I went home with pubic hair free! Post treatment (serum) is also available upon request (RM18)

24 hours after wax, she suggested NOT to:
No hot baths
No swimming or sunbathing
No heat or UV treatments like sun beds or saunas
No tight clothing
No perfumed products including deodorant, anti-perspirant, self-tanner or make up
No touching, scrubbing or rubbing of the area (unless you want a bacteria infection)
No intensive exercise

Although it said that Brazilian waxing will not cause any ingrown hair, I found few small pimples a day after waxing. I read from the internet that its normal for someone who never done any waxing before.

So, if you’d like to do Brazilian Waxing, give a try to Strip. I can’t guarantee anything but my first experience was awesome and I would wanna go back next month :)

Strip – Ministry of Waxing
T 03-22836-092/ 094/ 096

Showing Off Night: Intermediate 3

Every end of a term in Bobbi’s Pole Studio, there will be a graduation night.

It’s actually more like a night when you are showing off what you have learned during 8 weeks. With entrance fees RM20/person, you may invite your mom, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend, neighbor, anyone. It’s open for public, but usually those who come are people that know the students. The money usually go for charity purpose. Besides us – the students, our instructors or some oversea poler guests are usually performing as well, so imagine what a rare experience it is watching Pro-Polers dancing.

Anyway, when I was in beginner I was shy and because none of my friends  are performing, I chicken out and decided not to perform. haha

But when I got into Intermediate 1, I dare myself to perform. So that Andre could see me dancing.

After my first performance, I told myself that I gotta try my best to perform in every single term. To perform what I have learn motivates me to remember the routine, perfecting my moves and tricks, and the most important thing is to gain confidence.

A week ago, I have finished my Intermediate 3. Honestly I was really reluctant to perform as I didn’t remember the routine and that it was so though and I didn’t have enough energy to finish it.

But I am glad I came that night and I was surprised that I completed the whole routine – I guess I do things better under pressure? lol

So here’s the list of tricks that covered at this level (names can be different from the usual pole moves dictionary):

1. Starfish

2. Half Star

3. Venus

4. Chopstick

5. Right Leg Hang

6. Maxie

7. North Dive

For me, the most challenging tricks for this term was Right Leg Hang! I found this move is harder than Left Leg Hang as it hurts my crotch badly haha.  I am staying at same level this new term to perfect my pole tricks and moves so I hope I could master this Right Leg Hang.

I am also very happy for  two friends of mine who found pleasure and enjoyment at their Beginner Class and now enrolled to Intermediate 1 class. I hope you girls will enjoy the upside down world ;)

with the sexiest Maple Loo & Newbie Riry

with the sexiest Maple Loo & Newbie Riry

Here’s 15 seconds of my Intermediate 3 performance, song by Lady Gaga – Do What You Want:

Thank you for reading.

I so can’t wait!

Agency team has won the Google Partners challenge and each of us will be getting a Google Nexus 7 tablet. Woohoo!

After two months of searching, getting the stocks and waiting – it seriously feels like years! – the tablet babies are finally arrived in the office today!

But we got to wait till the boss comes back from Google Partners launch in the Philippines. Can’t wait to unwrap this baby real soon! :D

Nexus 7

Soon baby soon *excited*

More about Nexus: 7

Hand Callus and Bruises are Pole Dancers Honor Badges

After eight months of pole dancing, I still think that this is the best workout for me.

The studio opens from Monday to Saturday for practices and classes. My work hours is not allowing me going for weekdays practice and I always try my best to spare my Saturday noon for practice.

Invert V

Invert V

Left Leg Hang

Left Leg Hang


In pole dance, a class or practice always comes with hand callus and pole bruises and sometimes wounds. There is NO way to avoid it!

Hand Callus after Pole Practice

Hand Callus after Pole Practice

Having hand callus is surely hurt and very uncomfortable at first. To relieve the pain, I usually soak my hands in warm water and apply body or hand lotion after shower or washing hands. It usually gone in one or two days.


Unlike callus which only located in hands, pole bruises are pretty much located everywhere on your legs. It really depends on what moves you’re practicing but as soon as you learn how to go upside down the bruises will mostly be on your thighs.

Good Pole Workout Gives Pole Bruises

Good Pole Workout Gives Pole Bruises

Those bruises clearly aren’t stopping me from learning and loving Pole Dancing haha and I hope it won’t stop you being curious about it too!

Don’t worry about the bruises, I found a special gel which would help you in getting rid of them in few days only.

This gel is called:

Special Gel for Special Bruises

Special Gel for Special Bruises

It’s available in MY pharmacies for RM15+. This is a non greasy and non-staining gel that used to make bruises healing easy and painless. It contains anti-coagulant and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent blood from clotting and assist in normal healing process.

How to use this product? It’s easy, you just need to apply 2-3 times a day on your bruises, no massage needed!


I might sounded like promoting this gel but trust me I don’t get paid for this review although I wish to :P

Well, I hope this article helps.

Lissy xx

February in Langkawi

My fourth visit to Langkawi and still loving it!

Last November I saw a promotion from BIG Card – Air Asia, 0 Big point or at around RM150 for return ticket for two persons (we only need to pay taxes only, awesome!).  After checking my annual leaves balance, I quickly booked the flight and informed Andre.

The flight with Air Asia was alright as usual but note to myself: arranging a seat next to your partner is advisable to avoid unpleasant journey. Andre was already upset enough cause I didn’t arrange our seats and I was placed right next to a newly weds whom can’t seems to stop talking loudly, served me right. lol

I thought it won’t be too hard to get a room for two in February but I was clearly wrong! The hotel which located on Cenang Beach were fully booked thankfully I managed to get a room in Tengah Beach Road, somewhere very closed to Cenang Beach called Desa Motel.

Located in Jalan Pantai Tengah

Located in Jalan Pantai Tengah

Night View of Deluxe Villa

Night View of Deluxe Villa

I would give 7/10 for this hotel: Agoda charged me for RM130+/night – no breakfast for its Deluxe Villa. The room is small, if you are a big size person, I wouldn’t recommend this hotel. There are many mosquitoes at night which make it impossible for us to hangout outside the room at night. These naughty mosquitoes were already bite me on my first night.

There is a big laundry as a part of this hotel and they charge for RM4/kg, good service! So can you imagine coming back to the hotel smelling fresh laundry, I love it! Besides, for you who loves Malay snacks like friend banana or fried sweet potatoes, there is a street stall that opens daily at 1PM. Ops, can’t share the pic, I ate them all!

Anyway, if you wish to stay on Cenang beach here are some hotel names that you may consider: Langkapuri Inn, Malibest Resort, Sandy Sand Beach, AB Motel. I have stayed in AB Motel for about RM150/night with basic room facility, nothing fancy but the rest of the hotel look quite interesting to check.

Since this is not our first time in Langkawi, we skipped the Island Hoping, Mangroove Tour, Langkawi Cable Car. They were all good attractions but we thought of doing something else this time.

Andre rented a car ( a Perodua Viva for RM80, insurance included ) which allow us to go to Pantai Pasir Tengkorak. As this beach is managed by a hotel, paying RM2/persons is necessary. Check out the pictures. All of them are without editing.

Back in  Cenang beach, we went for a one hour jet ski. We love this activity and this time we got it with cheaper price – RM200/hour (Blue Wave located at Yellow Cafe, Cenang Beach). It was for RM150/30 mins the first time we did sometime ago, so clearly better price. Anyway, if you really love jet ski-ing, then you may consider taking jet ski tour to few islands for approximately 5 hours and for RM550 ( Surely you can negotiate this price with the agent). We thought its lot more worth it!

Such a big ass!

Such a big ass!

We noticed that Sunset Dinner Cruise was promoted quite well in Langkawi so we booked a trip with for RM220/person from the car agent and I thought it was a good price since its original price is RM250/head.

Check out some pictures taken during our trip

It started from 5PM – 8PM, you will be served with free flow drinks and cocktails and dinner. Besides all of the food and drinks, it was very relaxing and you can feel its luxuriosity. Far way better than being in a long tail boat for sure :P With all those things, it worth every ringgit that we spent.

Another few things I love to do in Langkawi:

Walk along Cenang Beach, approximately 3 km at night and feeling its soft sand. So loving it and missing it right now!

Laying on Cenang Beach at night looking at the moon and stars, another me relaxing moment.

Loves those on beach cafes open in the evening.

Hmm how can I forgot mentioning about its duty free shops- cheap drinks and chocolate?

It was truly another amazing trip in Langkawi.

We will come back Langkawi! <3 :)

Awesome 2nd Trip to Krabi

I have enjoyed my solo trip to Krabi in April 2013 and thought that I would love to come back and I did!

This time, I came with Andre and friends, we had a lot of fun and visited some new places that I never visited during my first trip – big smile!

We spent 10 nights staying at Jinnie’s Place located just at the opposite of Krabi’s Muay Thai Stadium at Nopparat Thara . Check out few pictures of the hotel:

This is a very nice place to stay, very relaxing and quite close to the busy Aonang – 5 mins walking to Nopparat Beach and around 15-20 mins to Aonang Beach. Lazy to walk? Tuk-tuks are everywhere, 20-30 baht/way. Staff are good and most of the breakfast served are mostly local snacks, interesting. Since many units here are equipped with outdoor bathrooms, we prepared ourself with coils.

We spent few days doing islands hopping and other days enjoying Aonang – mostly.

Few islands that we visited:

1. Hong Island and few islands on the way – full day trip (2700 baht for full-day long tail boat) – quite fun trip as there are few beautiful islands which have nice white and soft sand.

Ton Sai beach (100baht from/to Aonang) – coral beach that just 10 minutes from Aonang. I did not really enjoy staying on this beach but it was fun as I was able to kayak-ing (300 baht – double seater) around this area.

4 island trip – Poda Island, Chicken Island, Pra-Nang Island, Tube Island (2700 baht for full-day long tail bath). Poda and Pra-Nang were nice. We took two hours to lay on Poda’s beach. Not so good part of this beach was crowded by locals who are selling food.

Holiday is incomplete without good food and drinks. I enjoyed all the cocktails they have, its cheap and beautiful! and I have to be honest that I ordered local food at almost all of the restaurants that we been in Aonang. Most of food’s presentations are excellent but not their taste :(

In general, Krabi has been good to us. :)

[Video] Intermediate Pole Moves – Crucifix, Handstand V and Handstand Butterfly

At the same day when I got my new shoes I practiced few pole moves; crucifix, handstand v and handstand butterfly.

I have been practicing upside down V but never really doing my crucifix as I felt like my legs weren’t gripped strong enough that I may fall.

But this time, I have no other excuse but doing it as this move is going to be in my Inter 2 routine.

So for crucifix, you gotta grip the pole with your calves and mainly with your tights before you freed your hands. As usual bruises on tights and calves might appear after your practices :P.

And for handstand V, I found it really difficult at the beginning. It took me many weeks to finally got the right move: that I need to place my tummy as closed as possible to the pole then do the frog leg and open it to V shape while focusing the body weight on the pole itself. Once, I felt down because I didn’t do the right way. It wasn’t fun! lol.

Anyway, looks like I am gonna post a lot about my pole dance stories. I hope you enjoy it and if you are interested to learn, let me know. I could give you a recommendation :)